Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Very Big Guys are Very Hard to Sweep

Another no-gi class last night. We covered a nice no-gi, butterfly sweep that required catching your opponent in a head-and-arm triangle. I tried it out, but I found it difficult to keep the arm across the body. Then another teammate and I reviewed taking the back as a follow up from that sweep.

Rolling was fun. I purposefully engaged my opponent butterfly guard a la Marcelo Garcia. Didn't really sweep him (got close) but I'm sure it would have worked on someone who wasn't over 250 lbs. I found that I need to work on my escapes from side mount. Not just escaping while in side mount, rather avoiding the side mount before he establishes (Jeff Glover is really good at this).

I'm really sore this morning from training last night, which is unusual. It may have been because I didn't really warm up last night. Or maybe because he continually tried to submit me with a can-opener. Ouch.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Reservations

On Monday I stepped into class with no reservations, not caring who would submit me. I just wanted to enjoy jiu-jitsu. I credit this step I feel like I'm finally starting to make to Chris Moriarty of Alliance who recently gave one of the most interesting interviews on the Fightworks Podcast concerning this topic.

There is a certain individual at class I have not been tapped out by, a lower ranking teammate who recently was promoted to blue belt. Sure enough, on Monday we were rolling no-gi and he got me with an ankle lock. After that I wanted to "let him have his day" and not care.

Now this doesn't mean I don't want to learn from that mistake, in fact I feel like I can learn from it better if I don't let my ego get in the way. What do I have to lose if I let go of that? Nothing. That is what makes a real jiu-jitsu practitioner.

Friday, February 26, 2010

It's been awhile...

Wow, it's been awhile since I've been on here. A lot has happened since my last post. I suffered a minor knee injury (MCL, I believe) during a training session with a freakishly strong training partner (not his fault). I was out for a few weeks, but still attending class and staying away from training. As a result of this I couldn't stretch as much and unfortunately haven't gotten back to a regular routine.

Although I haven't been competing since August, our competition team has been doing well. There are some smaller, local tournaments on the horizon but nothing big. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not sure when I'm competing next. Which brings me to the next subject...

I had a daughter! As a result of this I'm training less, which isn't hard to do since she is so nice to take of and spend time with. I always look forward to seeing her everyday when I come home.

Training is still going good, I can still keep up with everyone and give them a hard time. I earned another (3rd) stripe on my belt. So that makes me a little closer to purple. Not sure when that's going to happen, but I look forward to hopefully being at that level one day.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Utter Domination

My instructor's, Aaron Moeller, match at Maui against a black belt from Brazil. Be patient with this one, it get's good!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Three Matches

Here are all my matches. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

Sunday, August 30, 2009

6th Annual Mau Jiu-Jitsu Open Tournament

Wow. What a day!

I started the day off with a little detour to Maui's beautiful I`ao Valley just outside of Wailuku. There, in it's serene peaks and crystal-clear rivers, we got our minds and bodies ready for the tournament. After doing some warm-ups, breathing, and a lot of stretching, we got in the river and relaxed (after getting used to the cold temperature). Although, this may not have been a good I idea since I was getting sick and later on that night it turned into a full blown cold.

As we were about to head to the tournament, we accidentally locked the keys in our rental car. Woops. But after asking a few tourists we got a hold of the rental car company and they promptly sent an employee to unlock our doors free of charge. Phew.

As we entered the War Memorial Gymnasium it was the usual tournament seen: crowded, loud, and tense. Unfortunately they were only running four mats, which means a slow tournament. After meeting up with my instructor, I changed into my gi and heard something over the PA system about "blue belts 187." I panicked and thought I was going to fight soon without getting myself settled in; but I wasn't on until about an hour or so later.

Finally I was called to my first match. Our referee was Lius Heredia, the black belt who puts on this tournament every year. He started us off and I ran over and grabbed my opponent's collars. He pulled guard right away: just what I wanted. He immediately started to break my posture and tried to collar choke me. No problem, I did what I usually do: grind my chin into his wrist until he lets go. Eventually I postured up and he opened his guard. While trying to pass his guard, he put me in a triangle clamp because I carelessly wasn't controlling his outside leg. I did, however, manage to have my second arm partially in and was able to get back into his guard. Right after that he attempted a knee bar me which I was expecting the referee to warn him not to do so. Instead, a teammate did and he let go of my leg. To my surprise, the referee said it was okay (apparently this was okay for blue belts in this tournament, I was not there for the rules). I ended up passing to side mount and he started to cross-face me. I then went to an open north-south and grabbed an arm for a relatively easy kimura in which he tapped out.

Next match happened at least an hour later. They decided to run the black belts (my instructor got a match and submitted someone from Brazil via bow-and-arrow choke who is visiting/training at Luis' academy), then the brown belts, then some purple belts, and the heavier blue belts. Hmm.

My second match was with someone taller and stronger (at least his guard was). Same deal as my last match and he ended up pulling guard fast. He first tried to collar choke me but I got out. Then I looked to pass his open guard while he was trying to scissor sweep me hard, so that made me a little wary and off balance. Looking for a fireman sweep, he hooked my leg and tried to dump my over which I would have none off. I backed off and he didn't grab my collar which always registers in my game as: Achilles lock. I grabbed his ankle under my arm and rolled to my stomach while applying the submission. To my surprise, he tapped out fast.

The time to catch our flight back to Kona was approaching and I told Aaron we had to leave soon. He approached the scoring table and explained my predicament. So, my final match happened after another no-gi match (which also had no time and energy for) which was about 6 minutes of rest. Luis was our referee again; he wished us good luck and started the match. My opponent was smaller and probably lighter than me by no more than 10 lbs. Again, same situation, the guy pulled guard and tried to work an open guard pass. I was also trying to break his sleeve grips which wasn't too hard. But I was really getting tired. I almost passed his guard but I was in too much of an awkward position to finish it. Then, about half way through the match, I think the fatigue was getting to me: I tried the most sloppiest knee bar ever which was following by an not so slick ankle lock attempt. Actually, I can't really remember which came first. To make a long story short we kind of exchanged positions with him getting the points, he tried to choke me from guard, then tried to armbar me from mount which I escaped pretty easily, and finally he won by points. I was pretty tired and had zero energy left. My opponent helped me up and we shook hands. I ran over to the table to get my silver medal, said goodbye to everyone, and left to catch my plane.

Our team did really well, 4 golds and a silver medal. Not bad for Kona's Aaron Moeller Jiu-Jitsu!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Slowing down to a simmer

Lately I have been feeling a bit overtired during training and have been feeling like a mental aluminum can because of that. I told my instructor this and how I've been training some serious cardio outside of class to prepare for next week's tournament. I've virtually been programmed by my instructor to train outside of class to the point where I want always stay in competition shape. After sharing this with him, he paused for a second and said that it may be a good idea to just take it easy for now, nap, come to class, train, and do some stretching. Phew!

Tonight's training went well. Trying to work my stand-up and take-downs. I scored a really nice single-leg to double-leg take-down on my toughest training partner. Even though he was sweeping and passing me a bunch of times I feel like I am not going to meet anyone tougher than him. I was a good night.